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Harding-Lee Media volunteers their services for the Broadstairs Tourist & Leisure Association (BTLA). Together, we’ve grown the Visit Broadstairs Channels to be the most prominent community profile across social media and on google search ranking.

Logo development

First Stages

The main task for this logo was to create an updated modernised version of the existing logo. We didn’t want to move too far away from the core design and history that already existed with this design. 

The concept was created from the famous Viking Longship ‘Hugin’ located in Broadstairs.

Concept Development

We began by creating a geometric grid as a blueprint to construct the dragon head. This was then refined multiple times and developed by removing unnecessary lines and adding key details such as teeth, tongue and eyes until we reached the desired model.

We then turned to the longboat sail. This section is extremely minimal using only a 5 stripe design with a simple gradient.

The final touch was the introduction of the relic design, displaying the historic elements, yet still appearing modern and stylish. 


"Nathan's exceptional dedication and remarkable contributions to our organisation have elevated our mission and objectives to new heights. His unwavering commitment to community spirit is evident in every endeavour he undertakes. His genuine care for our local community and its well-being is a driving force that consistently inspires those around him."
Mike Bridges
Chairman of the BTLA

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